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Her Majesty the Queen

Perhaps this seems a little redundant from the theme last night, but we’re simply stepping it up a notch.  After the frenzy that the royal wedding produced, lots of newly engaged girls are looking for that regal number that will give her the elegance of a queen. What are the elements for royalty?  First off, lace is a great place to start, particularly when accompanying sleeves.  Secondly, a queen must have a train!  Thirdly, a queen can go nowhere without her tiara.  These are all essentials for the bride that envisions her wedding day in a cathedral. Other queenly accessories? The full veil high on the head, it would work perfectly with the tiara.  Adding the slightly taupe and lace heels is a fun way of tying the dress and the shoes together and they feel so Marie Antoinette.  And what queen would be without her enormous but quaint engagement ring?  True it isn’t a sapphire but the shape of the flower blossom is just as sweet.


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