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That has to be the longest I’ve gone without steadily blogging in a LONG time.  For good reason.  I will share a little about my blogging conference after organizing my thoughts. Meanwhile, we were in the middle of finishing up the book Before You Put That On and discussing his topics in the series I’ve been writing, Sundays With Lloyd. One thing I found interesting that I can especially relate to is Lloyd’s thoughts on breaking down the walls of style insecurities.  In other words, telling folks where you bought your clothes.  Lloyd explains that there is freedom in “fessing up” to your style.  I can totally relate.

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I’m a big thrifter.  And when I say big, I mean I have a REALLY hard time paying full price for clothing.  I love discounts, clearance, secondhand and vintage.  These words used to have a stigma attached to them that continues today.  When I tell people that ask where I got that awesome purse and I reply, “a garage sale,” I can see the wincing that takes place following. There are always going to be those ladies that roll their eyes when you said your outfit came from Goodwill.  And there are always going to be those girls who won’t go in a great vintage shop because it might have “that old clothes smell.”  Me, I have no shame.  And it wasn’t until I started writing this blog that I really became to understand that there was power in what I was saying to other ladies. When a friend or a co-worker says to you, yes, I did buy that on the clearance rack at JCPenney’s for $5, what does it really mean?  It means that she has understood that great style doesn’t come with a price tag.  It doesn’t come with a label.  It merely comes with someone who understands how to own their look. And that is empowering women. It means much more than consuming less, saving money or finding a treasure, it means that no matter how much money we have in the checking account, what stores we shop in or where we live, we can be confident in how we look. And that says a LOT.


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