Hutch Turned Bookcase

I have a problem.  You too may suffer from the same disease I suffer from, decorating clutter.

I love collectible things.  But there comes a time when I look in a magazine and say, “where’s all the clutter?”  True, there isn’t papers and toys and someone’s shoes left in the photo like there would be at home.  But the difference in clutter I’m talking about is the “stuff.”  There’s Grandma’s dishes and that Willow Tree figurine your mom gave you on your anniversary and flowers and all of your treasured “finds.”  And suddenly you realize that it has become Grandma’s house.  A lifetime of stuff jammed in so that you can’t appreciate even one of the treasured items.

Such is the disease I suffer from and am constantly taking my medication for- uncluttering.

My hutch sits in the living room mainly because at the current time there is no other place it’ll fit.  So I turned it into a bookcase and it houses all my clutter.

Here’s a picture of what it looked like the last time you saw it-

Hutch Turned Bookcase

It was all dressed up for the winter.

This baby gets changed a LOT.  But I’m purposely trying my best to eliminate clutter and give each item some space to breath and to be appreciated.  But still have a seamless and cooherant look.

Here is what it looks like now-

Bookcase Close Up


Books and Basket.

It’s refreshing isn’t it?  The only bad part, this is only one set of shelves that have had a dose of medication.  And just when I think I’m done, the process starts all over again with the next season!

Do you too suffer from the clutter disease?


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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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