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It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Another change in our home is… my new furniture!  I’m pretty excited about having something new.  And if you know the Mr., I’ll probably have it for the next 50 years, so I hope I love it. I’ll show you pictures of what’s new below.  But let me talk about where I purchased it first.  One of the BEST furniture stores in the Midwest is hands down, Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Their selection and inventory makes their competitors pale in comparison.  Not only do they have great furniture but they also have excellent customer service.  I’ve never had a problem getting something resolved.  And finally, they have a clearance center that rocks.  You know this girl loves a good bargain and so everything you see below came from…the clearance center.  (And let me give you this tip, it pays to haggle there.)

 So this couch is part of a couch and loveseat combo that I was eyeing this summer, full price.  And low and behold, we walked in to the clearance center and there it sat.  It must have been fate.  I believe it is by Ashley Furniture.  It is a beige chevron pattern.

 This little lovely was a special order return.  And now it is special to me.  🙂  It has a slight curve to it and is a lighter color than the other pieces but same pattern.

 Probably should have smoothed this out before I took a picture of it, but this is the couch I bought to go with my dining room table.  It has a leg issue right now but NFM is taking care of it.  

 This guy was not on the list of must-have’s.  But for some reason is spoke to me.  It was also hugely reduced and I thought I can use it as a hutch (duh) or a bar or a bookcase.  I <3 versatility.

And sitting way down the aisle were two chairs that match the grey weathered cottage-y look of the hutch.  So we threw those in the truck.

If you live close to where I live, NFM delivers.  They also have extensions in several other cities.  I hope you get a chance to visit their stores.  It is an experience.  And for me, a big deal!


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