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Jeans 101

Ladies, it's fall now! It's the very best of the best the year has to give. I'm sure you've all heard this a thousand times but I love it so much, so here it is again.

You know what fall means? Jeans. Layers. Boots. Cozy things to wear. Are you as excited as I am?

And just in time...Target is having a jeans sale. Hurry over to nab some great buys!

Target is one of my favorite places to buy jeans. When you're feeling really poor, this is the place to buy your jeans. Don't want to spend $100 on one pair? Don't worry girl, you can buy four pairs for that.

My second favs are the Gap and American Eagle. In my opinion, they have the best fit for the price.

So don't worry about needing to drain the family finances simply because you need new jeans.

Back to the Target sale (this is not a paid ad, I just love them)...

I honestly feel like these jean that run from $40 and under are a great quality and a great fit for the price. They really last a long time! But there's a few things to watch for- and this goes for buying jeans from anywhere really.

1) Know your body type. Curvy girls like me gotta know that we need our jeans to fit the hips but many a time, that means the waist is too big. Ladies, they make different fits for a reason. Figure out which one works best on you. If you're more rectangular shaped, you may want a straight fit because your waist is about the same size as your hips.

2) Pockets, pockets, pockets. If I could bless you with this one tip, in all of my years of blogging, this might be it. I cannot stress to you the importance of pocket placement on your behind. Seriously. Even shopping online, you better not fall in love with a pair of jeans when you're only looking at them from the front. CHECK THE BACKSIDE VIEW. If you're pockets are really high, please make sure you are as tall and slender as the model. For those of you blessed with a big booty like me, you want those pockets as low as possible. Also, please don't have the so far apart that they are practically on your hips. Not flattering!! (I know you all are looking in the mirror at your pockets right now. I see you.)

3) Trends- seriously lately I think just about anything is "in." Everyone keeps talking about the day that the skinny jeans trend left but I have yet to actually see it. If you want to wear a pair of flairs, go ahead. If you'd rather wear a boyfriend/girlfriend fit, knock your socks off. I myself always like a throw on a pair of bellbottoms like KC from China Beach (one of my all time favorite shows).

Time for a little aside. Here is one my favorite lines from China Beach-

K.C. (to McMurphy): “I love jail – the fine food, the ambiance, the bidet.”

K.C. (to McMurphy): “Bangkok jail — 15 hour flight — 36 hours detained — what’s your excuse?”

K.C.: “You owe me a bath, a dress and eighty-four fifths of bourbon.”

McMurphy: “What were you arrested for?” K.C.: “What difference does it make? I got out. Free ticket home sweet home. Here I am stuck in the Department of Immigration. Do not pass go.”

K.C.: “Wait. Where are you going?” McMurphy: “Somebody’s got to talk to somebody. Did you lie about anything?” K.C.: “Yes. My weight.”

I know those of you under 35 won't have any idea what I'm talking about but trust me, it was a great show. Totally worth binge watching some time.

Meanwhile. Target's sale right now is BOGO women's jeans. Here's the ones I put in my cart.

Go out and get you some!


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