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Just a Small Thing

In my process of trying to organize post-Christmas, the yearly task of writing in birthdays on the new calendar was as appealing as cleaning out the refrigerator.  You know you should do it but want to avoid it as long as possible.

While perusing Pinterest one day, I came across a fabulous idea to make a craft and put our family birthdays onto it so we can have them up and around no matter the year.  And as everyone in my family knows, I’m terrible at remembering birthdays.  I can barely remember the dates my own children were born, let alone anyone else’s.  So if I get around to sending a card or a gift in the same season as their official birthday, it’s a success.

I’m holding out all hope that this little craft may help me be a little more proactive in the birthday department….

I’m going to show you the final product and give you the instructions afterwards.  Because I had an epic fail trying to take pictures of the process.

Here she is-

Birthday Calendar

Birthday Calendar

I started with an empty picture frame (no glass, nothing!).  I strung some twine across it. I conveniently tied the twine where there were staples to hold in the picture, but some were missing and I had to tie those ends around the outside until I can add staples.  I purchased some plastic smaller sized clothespins from the Dollar Store which I intend to….spray paint! Or cover in twine.  Or fabric.  Something.  Because I just don’t appreciate them in all their plasticky primary colorness.  (Those are all real words.)

And then I went to work on creating the paper months.  First I found a printable to use for each month, printed it and cut those out with a pretty edge.  Then I found some bits of scrap paper to use on the edges for a border.  Then I tried to add a little shape to go with each month.  So far I have yet to figure out August….?

All that was left was to fill it in with birthdays (in pencil!) and to hang it up.  Here it is with some of my kids artwork-

Wall art

Wall art

In one glance, I can see who all has birthdays in what month.  Success!


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