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Life Happens

Well, I’m going to delay one more day with my start of the 25 days of Christmas.  Life happened today and I had to pick up the kids from school in my yoga pants.  Not only that, but I was told I was in yoga pants by two good friends.  Neat.  In my defense, this is WHY I was in yoga pants. 1)  Just got home from Thanksgiving vacation and have been trying to find the floor of my home ever since. 2)  Had a big night out planned with my husband and his coworkers to see a concert. (FYI-Date nights do NOT happen in this household.) 3)  Did not want to dirty anything nice before dressing up for said concert. Other than that- 4) I was a complete lazy bum all day.  🙂  I even went to pick up our dog from the kennel without makeup on and THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN. But these days happen.  And I know they happen a lot for moms every day.  All we can do is strive to make them few and far between. It is nice to know for all of you out there that even the fashion blogger has yoga pant days. See you tomorrow!


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