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Little League Livery

Wow, busy days full of activities leave this girl wiped out. And that’s okay. I’d rather fall into bed and hit the pillow sleeping than have trouble getting to sleep because nothing happened at all that day. Along with many of you, it is time for t-ball! And this year, I’m getting a double dose. While it may be one of those activities where it is okay for you to show up in gym gear, unless you are the coach, I still recommend stepping up the dress code at least one notch. Here is a collection of outfit ideas for the ball diamond, simply for inspiration-

Equipment sleeveless blouse $184 –

Calypso St Barth sleeveless top $165 –

Crop top $50 –

Nonoo pleated shorts $200 –

AllSaints shorts $55 –

Joe Browns drawstring shorts £33 –

ASOS wide shoes $61 –

Armani Exchange strappy sandals $58 –

TOMS white shoes £35 –

Eagle eyes sunglasses $50 –

Miss Selfridge paper hat $38 –

Also, the older your child playing, the more serious your outfit should get!


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