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Meant to Be

I had a little idea (and these always lead to trouble) that it would be so nice to have a fireplace in our bedroom.  Our room is the coldest and warmest in the house and I love the idea of being snuggled in all warm in my blankies with a fire going.

While out shopping this summer, I ran across a mantel at Little Prairie Girl, home of all things rustic and chic.  It was in one of her vendor’s booths- Fig & Frolic.  And it caught my eye.  First, it was my favorite color…white.  Second, it was tall and skinny, just the size I needed to fit in my bedroom.  Third, it was, well, done.  It was something I wouldn’t have to make myself.


Mantel at Little Prairie Girl

But the price tag wasn’t something I was willing to consider and I left it at that.  Maybe I’d make something like that myself someday…when I finished my other 350+ projects.  Ya right.

I just couldn’t get the mantel out of my mind.  And so, it was time for the big barn sale.  And guess what?  The sticker on the mantel was priced HALF OFF.  Those words are music to this bargain hunter’s ears.  Not only that!  But I also “negotiated” an even lower price from the owner.  Oh happy day!

We hauled the mantel home and I went to work making it a part of my bedroom complete with twinkle lights until we can find some sort of electric insert to add a little heat in the winter months.


Fireplace mantel in bedroom


Here it is with the twinkle lights going.


For now, I’m just enjoying how much ambiance it adds to my bedroom and how patience and persistence paid off.  Clearly it was meant to be.


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