Mission Organization- Kitchen Cabinet No. 3 & 4

These are the last cabinets that I have conquered.  Tomorrow I’ll show you my kitchen diagram.  I feel confident that I have all the cabinets housing the right products now.  But I have yet to make the Tupperware more functional.  I’m seriously considering moving to all glass storage containers.  Darn plastic anyway!  Aren’t these containers such a pain?

For today, here was my cabinet by the pantry-

Cabinet 3

What a mess!  I really appreciate the cord hanging down.

Here is the after-

Cabinet 3 After

This cabinet makes me happy.  I put all of my cake decorating tips and cookie cutters in the basket up top.  (Because I use those one a year!)  I then corralled all of the water bottles (another bane of my existence) to another cabinet and left only the pitchers.  And all of my mixing bowls and Pyrex measuring bowls are now together.  Makes sense!

Cabinet No. 4

This cabinet is close to the sink and was just an odd combination of dishes and plasticware and ???

Here is the after-

Cabinet No. 4 After

Now all of the dishes are together.  And so are the water glasses.  And a few miscellaneous mixing bowls that I don’t use very often.  This cabinet could still use some shelving height adjustments.  Don’t you think this cabinet would make a great open shelf look.  I mean, do you ever see open shelving on Pinterest with Tupperware on it?  No.

So that’s it.  Now you’ve seen what lies behind my kitchen cabinets and we have no further secrets from each other.  I still have a few cabinets to go, but to be honest, those just didn’t change all that much.  Mostly it is just tidying up what’s already there.  Except for the blasted Tupperware…

Do you have any great Tupperware storage solutions?

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