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Modern Bride

This post is for those of you who like all things modern.  You want to take a few risks and wear something that is fashion forward and contemporary.  Here’s your dress. While this category could be all over the place, I’m going to avoid the cut out dresses (no one really wants you to show up naked on your wedding day…) and go for something simple and straight with wrinkly, fun bands along the dress and a big dramatic bow in the back.  What does one pair with something that’s not-so-traditional? I say a big but short and blushing pink veil that adds to the drama of the dress while not competing with it.  Nix the bold jewelry and go for some simple studs that play into the pink veil. The modern bride may not want to marry in the traditional settings.  Where to choose from?  How about city hall, a band shell or fountain in the park? And for this dress, you’ll need some tall shoes.  Choosing a platform will give you extra comfort. And why not one in pink as well? If you’re going nontraditional, make sure to wear it with confidence!  So no matter what grandma says, this is your day so wear what speaks to you!


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