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My New Site

I have been MIA for a few years now. But I'm back! I am happy to announce my new website, which has been a process loving created by me. When I first started my blog, back in 2011, I really felt that I had a gift to share. I love fashion and I felt I could help women understand that style doesn't have to be difficult.

Through the years my blog has seen lots of projects- I've been a part of Real Housewives of Eastern Iowa through St. Luke's Hospital and it was fun to dabble in lifestyle posts.

I have also taken you on our journey through our first fixer upper which is now "complete." We now have a second home project called Starting from Scratch. More on that later!

If you ever want to visit my old blog you can check it out here:

Guess what? I have lots more to share with you and I'm excited to get back into blogging and posting again!



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