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My World

I write this post only because I get so many questions about why I am a blogger and how in the world do you make money doing that. For question one, I think I’ve answered in the almost two years that I’ve been blogging.  I have a “passion for fashion” and I am so lucky to also love writing.  This is the perfect job for me.  I also get to work from home and that is lucky for me since I have three little people who need me.  I also get to be my own boss and write about whatever this little mind wanders to next. Those are the perks.  The downfall is that I don’t have steady income.  Which leads me to question two, how I make money. There are two primary ways.  The first are those little advertisements that run alongside the and on top and sometimes on the bottom of  my blog.  If and when you click on one of those ads, I get a certain percentage of income based on how many clicks there are.  People want traffic on their websites and they are willing to pay just to get you there. The second way I make money is when a company approaches me to write about a product.  I get to review the product and they compensate me for that.  Anytime I’m writing about something that I get compensated for, a disclosure will appear on my page to let you know. Now should I become a big time blogger, there are all kinds of ways to make more income.  But those opportunities will have to wait until my little world can handle that kind of fame and fortune.  😉 If you’d like to see my little blog grow, the easiest and best way is to share it on Facebook.  The more readers I get, the more opportunities.  Who knows what you’ll be reading next?!


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