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Pack It All In

Yesterday was a busy day.  So sorry I missed you!  And this is the last week of July!  Who’s not depressed by that?!

I am choosing not to be depressed.  I could look at my summer bucket list and all that I have not crossed off yet and be sad.  Or I could look at the last few weeks of summer as a chance to squeeze in as much fun as possible.  And I also can reflect on all the wonderful days we’ve spent with friends and busy with life, accomplishing so much.

I’m going to focus on the positive.  And I’m also going to get busy.  I have projects to start to finish and to dream about.

And I’m going to show you anything that I’ve been working on.

Don’t be down!  Savor each day like the gift it is!  And be sure to pack it all in.


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