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Park It On The Porch

I really love my porch.  It gives my house some character and it also gives my family shade on a hot day.  But mostly, it’s a place to talk with friends, watch the kids ride bikes and play and its a great place to relax.

I love decorating it.  And every year it looks a little different.  This year I had the opportunity to own these metal chairs.  When I got them, the paint was peeling and much of the rust was showing.  Now, I’m no professional.  These chairs could have been sandblasted and repainted to perfection.  But I’m not about perfection.  Life’s too short.  And my wallet is too slim.

I got out the power washer and started peeling away the many layers of paint.  And then I also had to steel wool them.  Then they had to totally dry.  Lastly, I sprayed them the color I wanted.  Many, many coats.  They are still rough on the seat.  And if the rain comes in just right, the water pools in there and could potentially rust them again.

But they are vintage and remind me of sitting on my own grandma’s metal furniture.  And therefore I love them.

Metal Chairs

Metal Chairs

Here they are, ready for someone to park it on the porch!


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