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Personal Rant

I can’t even describe the technical difficulties I have overcome lately to post on this blog.  I don’t think you’ll believe me!

Not only was I having trouble with uploading photos and editing them on this blog, but I’m trying to renew my driver’s license online.  Um, completely not helpful or working.  I downloaded the app.  It went crazy.  I went online.  It wouldn’t recognize my new address.  Beyond ridiculous.

And then my family went on a quick trip to Des Moines this week so we stayed in a hotel. And the internet kept going down on me!  I think they have some sort of timer on it.

I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN MY FRUSTRATION.  It was almost comical.

But I powered through it.  And instead of posting in the morning, things had to wait.  And I might actually just visit the DMV instead of screwing around anymore with this online nonsense. Technology some days!!!!

I will get my post out to you later!  When I have overcome my loss of patience!

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