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Pinteresting Part Two

Now to get back to the pallet project.  I have an update.  Here’s the work I’ve gotten done over the weekend!

After we disassembled the pallets.  We cut the boards to the sizes that I wanted for the signs.  Some I left larger for outdoor signs and some we cut smaller to sit on top mantels, etc.  We also had to cut the crossboard pieces.  This holds the boards together and resembles a barn door.


Putting Together the Pallets

Now it is time to nail the pallets together.  Enter the Mr. with a nail gun!  He chose the shortest nail his nail gun would take and pumped each sign with small finish nails.


Cutting Crossboards

Then came my job.  I lightly sanded each pallet (many were very dirty and very rough) and bent over any nails that were sticking through the wood.  They are still rough but this gives them character, right?

On to painting.  I painted some signs black, white, chalkboard and one peacock blue. More pictures on that later!

Here’s the shop mascot-


Shop Mascot

Hope to have the final product soon!!


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