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Q&A- Affordable Skinny Jeans

Time out craft projects, we have a fashion question to answer.

I received the following question-

Where do you get cheap – but nice – skinny jeans? And do you get the same size you generally wear in jeans? I tried some on today & was not impressed with the fact that I went up a size and they were still too tight!

I looked at Gordman’s, Penny’s and Kohl’s. Most of what I found was black or the junior type with holes in them or totally faded fronts. I’m trying to be age appropriate.


Thank you for your question!

I think the secret to good skinny jeans is in the Lycra.  Remember Truvy in Steel Magnolias who said she hadn’t left the house without Lycra on her thighs since she was 14?  Skinny jeans follow the line of the body and 100% cotton loses its shape after awhile.  Finding skinny jeans with stretch will be the most comfortable and the most flattering.

I recently had good luck with outlet stores.  You can generally find some decent sales (or coupons).  Another thing to consider is finding stretchy straight leg jeans.  They’ll give you the same feel as skinny jeans but aren’t quite so painted on.

I paid $30 at American Eagle for a pair of skinny jeans (although I feel like a dinosaur in that store and you have to really dig to find jeans that aren’t faded, ripped, etc.) and also found a great selection at the Gap.

1969 Legging Jean, Gap, $70

Old Navy may have some as well, but you may find the fit runs smaller.  At least it does for me.  Other places to shop:  Loft and TJ Max.

I hope this gives you some ideas!


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