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Q&A- VIP Golf Tournament

I have to put our wedded bliss on hold for a day.  We have urgent fashion matters to address! I received the following question- My husband won tickets to the US Senior Open, a national golf tournament.  I’m not sure what to wear.  I’ve considered a maxi dress with a denim vest and a floppy hat.  Any ideas?  The tickets are VIP so I want to look put together. -Kelli Thank you for your question! I had to dig deep in my resources to answer this question as I have never been to the US Open, senior or otherwise.  I called my go-to man on all things golf.  My brother.  The golf fanatic.  While maybe not a fashion pro, he could tell me what he’s seen on the greens. And here’s my conclusion- go with something preppy.  I think your idea for the maxi dress is a good one.  But maxi dress says bohemian to me.  While it’ll be a great choice if the weather is sweltering, it might not look “high-end” enough for the VIPs. So pretend you are in Pretty Woman at the polo match- only more laid back and sporty.  I think a short dress would be an equally good choice.  Think ivy league school. And while a big hat may be a great idea for the sun, if you are a VIP, you may be under a tent and people could have trouble seeing around said big hat.  So perhaps just stick with the sunglasses! Also, there could be a lot of walking involved, so wear some comfortable flats.  And if your dress has no pattern, be a little more daring with your shoes! Have a great time!

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