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Q&A- Wedding Jewelry

I received the following question- I know you are super busy and probably have many other things to worry about besides what I am wearing for a wedding!! But, I would love to have a quick opinion. I found this necklace on Etsy and I really do like it, but wondering if it would be too much with a navy dress. And then wondering how bad it would look if the color is not an exact match? It’s so hard to tell on a computer screen.

Bridal Jewelry, Something Blue, Dark Blue Pearls, Flower Brooch Necklace, KASEY

Bridal Jewelry Something Blue Dark Blue Pearls by DivineJewel on Etsy $25

I also found this one, and thought maybe the grey pearls would look better since I plan to wear silver or grey satin shoes??

Bridesmaid Necklace, Navy Blue Flower Necklace, Wedding Jewelry, Bridal Party Jewelry, Bridesmaid Jewelry, Summer Necklace

Bridesmaid Necklace Navy Blue Flower Necklace by PrettyNecklaces at Etsy $32

Then I got to thinking that I really love the first one the most, because I love that rhinestone flower. So maybe I could ask her to do it with grey pearls instead of the blue??  What do you think?

P.s. I also found these earrings and I love them. But then didn’t know what to do for a necklace. So I thought maybe I should find a necklace first, then worry about the earrings. -Amy

Blue Sapphire Earrings - Silver and Blue - Wedding Jewelry - Bridal Earrings

Blue Sapphire Earrings Silver and Blue Wedding by Bellezamia at Etsy $27

First of all, I’m never too busy for fashion. 😉 Here’s what I think. I’m with you, I’m completely in love with those earrings. And here’s a solution, buy them and don’t wear a necklace! There are alternatives! Set yourself free from the necklace/earring combo. Find an awesome cocktail ring that you love or a bracelet or two or three (maybe even a cuff) that go. But don’t feel stuck trying to find a necklace. I think sometimes a bigger earring really needs to just stand on its own. (Check out how many ladies this year at the Oscars that went with bare necks.)  Especially when you’re wearing your hair up. There’s an option too, you could wear something in your hair. I say, go with what you LOVE.  Because when you buy things that you LOVE, you will wear them again.  And be excited to wear them!  And it can be hard to find things that you feel strongly about! Can’t wait to see the fabulous pictures!


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