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Q&A- What Happens In Vegas

I received the following question- Need some advice… I am going to Vegas in a month. We are doing a short 3 day trip. I know I will be packing 1-2 swimsuits and a cover up for the days, but my big question is about my shoes. We are only taking 1 suitcase so I can’t pack every pair I own. We have no specific plans so I don’t know if we will be walking the strip at night, going to a show, staying around our hotel, etc. etc. I plan to wear sundresses at night and would love to pair them with a really fun heal, but I know my feet couldn’t handle miles of walking with heals. I refuse to wear dresses with tennis shoes. HAHAHA. So do you have an idea of a fun shoe that is a bit fun/sexy/not over the top/and comfortable to wear with a sundress? Thanks, Meghan Thank you for your question!

Oh, I know your pain.  I love to overpack.  If I tend to overpack one item, it would be shoes.  Shoes make such a big difference in an outfit.  Don’t think so?  Pair a sneaker with a short skirt and you look like you should be going to play tennis.  Pair that same skirt with a heel, completely different look.

When we went to France a few summers ago, this was my concern.  I mean, there are a few times when you are in PARIS that you want to dress up and look nice.  So how do you justify packing a pair of heels when you know that you’ll do a ton of walking and be only wearing them a few times.

My suggestion is a pair of low heels or wedge espadrilles.  If you want to really be able to go somewhere formal, a pair of low sandal heels will help you both get there and still look nice with a pretty dress.

Below are some examples.  The wedges are a touch more casual but still not terrible to walk in.  Remember the platform under the toes will be more comfortable and don’t forget an ankle strap!

Have a great time!

Vero moda $50 –

Club L chiffon dress $35 –



Steve madden espadrille


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