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Seven Wardrobe Updates for Spring- Day Five

Day Five- Pretty much my number one rule with all things fashion (and pretty much my entire lifestyle too)- style trumps function.  It is a fact that frustrates my husband to no end, but I know this about myself.  In a perfect world these two things would always align.  But there just aren’t many pairs of high heels that you can wear while gardening.   And do your tools have to be pink?  No, but they are cuter.  And are twinkle lights energy efficient, no.  But all these things are all necessary. Such is the case with my anorak jacket. I love my anorak jacket.  What exactly is an anorak jacket?  According to Wikipedia (the source of all knowledge online), it is a heavy jacket with a hood.  It can also be interchanged with the word parka.  The anorak jacket is supposed to be waterproof with drawstrings at the waist and cuffs whereas the parka is typically down and knee-length. My jacket does not fit this description.  It does not have a hood, it is not waterproof (even though it looks it).  It isn’t even warm.  Really all it has is drawstrings at the waist.  But I still love it.  And according to Ann Taylor Loft, that is what an anorak is. The anorak may be last season’s new “must have” but let me tell you, it is still fashionable.  It still trumps an oversized sweatshirt, a pullover windbreaker or a dingy old fleece.   Here are a few that I’d buy if I wasn’t already in a relationship with one-

Hooded Drawstring Anorak Jacket from Charlotte Russe $21 or

Tencel Twill Anorak from Bebe $90 Now, if you want to hear a few success stories of where style and function get married and have babies, I can tell you about my water glasses, when I first had a Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus or when eyeglasses first got their dark tint.


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