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Shopping Marathon

Rule number one when marathon shopping- you must have comfortable shoes.  I say that with a little hesitation that some of you may go shopping and find a style of shoe that should only be worn if you, well, if you’ve finally reached THAT age.  Or have basically given up on life as a whole. Ahem. Anywho, comfy shoes are a must.  Choose some cute sneakers, some fabulous flats, low boots that are super plush, whatevs.  Just make sure you can walk all day in them. Rule number two- everything must be easily taken off.  This rule applies for all the trying on that happens when shopping occurs.  Or wait, is that only when I go shopping?  In general I don’t buy anything unless I’ve tried it on.  A few exceptions to this rule, it’s Black Friday and I’m delirious.  Or I’m shopping with kids.  Trust me, little boys in their mamma’s dressing room can come up with some really embarrassing one liners.  Like…”Mama remember when you spilled that glass of wine and it went everywhere.”  SO AWESOME.  Where does this stuff come from? Last rule- Keep the accessories to a minimum.  But for your own sake, wear at least one.  You don’t want to look into the mirror and scream in horror.  A little sparkle by your ears or around your neck will help.  But nothing so elaborate that the whole on/off thing is a hassle. We all have enough of that right now. Happy shopping!

Velvet flat


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