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Some Days I Feel Sorry For the Neighbors

Oh how embarrassing.  Don’t you hate it when you answer the door expecting it to be the UPS man (who else stops by during the day) and there on your doorstep is a friend of yours looking very fabulous and bearing gifts.  Did I fail to mention that I was not looking as stellar? Most days I have a lot in common with Mr. Rogers.  I come home from errands or whatever and take off my top layer and put on a trusty zip up hoodie.  And not a cute one.  Because in general it gets stained and I know it’ll be warm. I also run around in my slippers after I take off my shoes/boots.  I should really sing Won’t You Be My Neighbor because it is a ritual. There are also days when I’m chasing my six year old down the street in my yoga pants (if you’re lucky), hair and teeth not brushed and potentially in my Wellies and winter coat so that he doesn’t forget something for school.  Equally not pretty. My poor neighbors see me in all kinds of crazy states.  There’s the I-haven’t-had-a-chance-yet-for-me state in the morning, the I’ve-been-busy-packing-for-Christmas-vacation-all-day state (that was today), there’s the playing outside with the kids kind of state.  And the list goes on.  Thank goodness they aren’t the judgmental type. So when it comes for New Year’s resolutions, my goal is to look a little more Jennifer Aniston casual, like in the movie Marley and Me (I also love her cut off jeans in this movie).  She looks adorable worrying where Marley is in her flannel pants and cozy cardi.  (Sorry can’t find an image for this one, you’ll just have to watch the movie.)  Remind me that I will be throwing out all Hanes zip up hoodies and donning instead cozy inexpensive cardigans that I will feel guilty-free getting spit up on, take out the trash in, or answering the door to a friend. So sorry for that embarrassing stop friend.  I promise an hour later, I looked much more fabulous. Hello Neighbors!


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