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Spring Fever

Spring Tulip

Spring Tulip

Image credit “Red Tutip” by panuruangjan at

Red Tutip” by panuruangjan

Incase you missed it, you can read about our trip to Disney on the Real Housewives of Eastern Iowa’s blog.  Some things I would add:

1)  I am can now give you helpful tips on visiting Disney.

2)  Laying by the pool in February is one of the best things ever.

And I also have spring fever.  Returning to a pile of snow and school cancellations due to snowstorms is painful.  I finally took down all of my evergreen decor, minus the front porch because who wants to be outside in this weather?

My house feels naked.  And I have the desire to throw away everything I own and start over.  Does anyone else have this feeling?  I think it’s spring fever.

I have also decided our home needs about six more closets.  The sad part is I’ve been going through each room in our home since Christmas trying to clear out “stuff” and get rid of our clutter.  I’m not sure how they had a family of six in a small cabin in the woods. Maybe I should call this blog post cabin fever instead of spring fever.  Clearly I know where they came up with that saying!

Here are my remedies for stir craziness:

1) Shopping

a) because it is the cure-all for everything and

b) because something new might cheer this place up

2) Purging- it’s time to get nasty with those things that come with guilty (inherited), were presents (guilt again) or you haven’t used in a year

3) Paint- because in my world it is also the cure-all for everything

May I take you along on all of these adventures with me.  Are you ready?


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