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Spring Spell

Trail by Dan via

Trail by Dan

There is something about the springtime that takes me back to my time with my grandparents out in the country. Something about the briskness in the air and the muddy dirt that makes me want to garden (which I’m terrible at). I can barely go down the gardening isle at the store without wanting to buy it all- the rubber boots, the gloves, the watering cans. This season makes me want to buy pretty flowered patterned fabric to sew quilt blocks and embroider dish towels on a hoop. It makes me want to have coffee and sticky rolls every morning at 10 a.m. and wear an apron when I cook. It makes me want to can things (and I have no experience with that). To make jellies and jams and pickles.  It makes me want to hang my clothes on the clothesline to dry and carry and handkerchief.  More than anything, I want to go for a long walk on a gravel road with my grandparent’s old black lab, Pepper.

There’s just something about the springtime that brings back good memories of my grandma’s generation. That generation where you took an afternoon nap in the sunshine on the living room floor.  Where you took drives with the windows down, smelling the fresh dirt in the fields wearing an old seed cap.  Where card parties with your friends on the weekends was your entertainment. Where it was a joy to sit on old metal rockers on the porch with the wind chimes chiming.

I think I gotta go. You might find me digging out the binoculars to take a look at the birds that are back from winter. Or maybe with the kids and the dog taking a walk…


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