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Spring Trends- Leather, Leather, Leather

You just can’t shake this trend.  And I know beyond outerwear, leather really intimidates most of you.  Can I wear this dress to work?  How do I wear leather shorts?  What can I pair a leather skirt with so it feels current?  So I gave you lots of options here.  Leather isn’t just black biker jackets anymore.  Think feminine shapes, colors and for all types of weather.  It can be casual or sophisticated. Find something you love and invest!  This is one place to put your money.  Because it is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.  🙂

H m $125 –

Vero Moda sleeveless top $35 –

H m $13 –

A Wear sequin top $39 –

Morgan leather jacket $125 –

Leather skirt $155 –

Low cut jeans $83 –

Thakoon addition $245 –

Heel boots $55 –

Dorothy Perkins high heels

Kitten heels $68 –


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