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Spring Trends…Will They Arrive?

Hi all.  The end of my busy week has come.  Here’s to a less crazy week ahead!

Am I the only one who is having spring fever?  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow and being huddled up with the family or I wouldn’t live in Iowa.  I kind of like to hibernate.  Plus, I’m a very warm-blooded girl, I’m hot almost always and this leaves me immune to the cold temperatures….  Mostly.

But even I am getting a little sick of the snow each and every day.  For very pertinent reasons… because I love to see these fashion bloggers from states where it is warm prance around in their heels and flats, usually without jackets, and create beautiful looks.  I’m completely envious.

Not only was there a whirlwind of style activity during the Sundance film festival, but also when fashion week was a snowy mess.  I love how we’d see one great look from a celebrity in the snow but show me how to style three months straight of fabulous snow gear.  I challenge you.  It’s hard.

This week is dedicated to the heels and flat weather that all of us are beginning to itch for.  That blasted groundhog anyway!

Hold on to your hats ladies, the spring trends are coming!


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