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Stairway to Heaven

So right now our staircase is a touch on the boring side.  As pictured here.  Below are a few famous examples of staircases that I’m using as inspiration. Recognize these steps?  Yup, these are from Home Alone-

Image courtesy of RochesterHomeJournal

These steps are from the movie Stepmom-

Image courtesy of

And there are a 1000 pictures on Pinterest that I love for more examples.  

The plan is to leave the handrail oak and to paint everything beneath, leaving also the ends all oak.

In starting this project, let me just say that I have sanded 111 spindles and I have yet to begin to prime and paint them.  But I plod on!  Because we’ve had them quoted by a professional and we’ll just put it this way, we paid less for our car!!

Looks like you are talking to the professional who’s going to be painting ours…  Wish me luck!  I’ll probably post finished pictures of this project in August!


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