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Style Slump

Like most pregnant women (especially moms already), I have stumbled into a style slump. The cause of the slump is mainly due to expanding waistlines and lack of energy.  I blame things like t-ball, VBS and crazy schedules.  I have yet to succumb to the dreaded maternitywear but I know it is fast approaching.  How am I getting through it?  Elastic.  It is your friend when you are in the strange stages of pregnancy that don’t require full belly panels.

I am determined to come out of my slump.

With things like street dances and county fairs and girls nite out to look forward to, it makes a person think about what they are putting on their body.  And creates a little more excitement=No More Slump.

For the next few days, I’m going to take a boring outfit and jazz it up to make it a little less slumpish.  Drab to fab!

And I’ll be modeling this myself.  So please excuse my baby bump!


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