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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #24

Now that my life has settled down a bit, I promised you I would write a few garage sale tips for those of you considering going down that road. 1)  Don’t make people dig.  Clean your items and have them set out where people can find them.  Only the true treasure hunters (people like me who are willing to get dirty looking for a “find”) will scavenge for a buy.  Most people need it right under their nose. 2)  Don’t have a few tables worth of items.  Find someone to go together on a garage sale with or sell the items at a different venue.  People don’t want to make a stop at your home for a handful of things. 3)  Selling personal hygiene items screams grandma!  Sure, there probably is someone out there that could use that half used bottle of lotion you don’t care for, but selling it on a garage sale not only is tacky but creeps most of us out. 4)  This is a DUH suggestion but seasonal items will sell better if they are closer to the season.  Selling Christmas stuff in July can be more difficult than selling it in say, September. 5)  Generally speaking, keep your prices low and reasonable.  You aren’t out to send the kids to college on your garage sale money so just get rid of it!  If you have items that you need serious dollars for, you are better off putting them on Craigslist or eBay. Not too many people go garage saling in the hopes that they buy precious gems, just simple treasures. This outfit I wore to church and it was a hurried morning!

Here’s me, the real life version-

Madewell long skirt

River Island evening shoes $46 –

Swarovski earrings


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