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Sundays With Lloyd

It is our first ever Sundays With Lloyd, Lloyd Boston that is, fashion guru. This week Lloyd interviewed Anna Sui, a top New York designer.  Here were some of her fashion tips- 1)  Develop a personal style.  Angelina Jolie is known for her full lips, Cameron Diaz her legs, pick a feature and highlight it. 2)  Top three items a woman should own- a) a great coat, since you sometimes don’t even take it off in winter, b) great boots, they’re just cool and c) a good bag. 3)  In her opinion, most stylish women ever- Marilyn and Diana Vreeland (she was a famous fashionista who wrote for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and consulted for the Kennedys, see picture below) because they knew their looks.

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What say you to those comments? I agree with number one.  Choose what you love, no matter what is trendy, and you will have a personal style.  Highlight what you feel confident about and people will notice. I can’t disagree with any of the three must haves under number two. If I had to choose my most stylish women ever- Audrey Hepburn would be right up there for sure, as would Jackie O, but they both are such a given.  A more obsure choice would be Lauren Hutton, decades go by and this woman is still looking fabulous.  Who are your fashion icons?  What are your three must haves?  What consists of your personal style?


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