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SWL- Dressing the Part #1

Our society has become pretty casual.  When pajamas are perceived as acceptable clothing for a grocery errand and dressing up means wearing your “good” jeans, I’d go even further to say that we have gotten sloppy. Do I want to be in heels and pantyhose all the time?  No.  But when you don’t know the dress code for an event or activity, erring on the side of overdressing is the way to go. This doesn’t call for a formal evening gown when you’ve been invited to the neighborhood BBQ.  Choosing a dress or a skirt can easily become more casual with the loss of layers and accessories.  But these clothing choices will always be respectable. For example, let’s say you’re invited to a church event at a church that is not your own.   You’ve never been there and you aren’t sure what to wear.  A day dress with a cardigan or a skirt with a blazer can be easy choices.  You could pretty much show up anywhere in those combos with exception to aerobics class and fit in.  If you feel too formal?  Take off the cardigan and throw it around your shoulders.  Ditch the blazer.  Get the idea? Lloyd says that wearing multiple layers also helps when you don’t know the dress code because you can always take one off.  It’ll eliminate last minute panic when you are already at your destination, and realize you do need a cover up, etc. Tomorrow, an example of dressing the part!


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