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SWL- Style Time Out

A topic Lloyd talks about this week is having a style time out.  Little did Lloyd know that I’ve got this mastered. 

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A style time out simply means to evaluate your style and find one that is livable because no one can be red carpet worthy on a daily basis. For example, look at Hollywood stars and their lives where you only see the days when they walk out the door looking fabulous.  Very rarely do we see the days where their stylist hasn’t picked out their outfit and they did their own hair and makeup- the days they look like the rest of us.  I think what Lloyd is subtly saying is that your personal style needs to be one of ease.  One you can live with every day.  For example, if your hair takes an hour each day to do and you hate doing it, maybe consider a different look.  For me, easy personal style is about feeling that I gave it some effort.  I don’t always look put together, but I hope I try.  I definitely have the yoga pant/wet hair/no makeup look in the drop off line at school on many occasions.  This isn’t even a style time out but a style no show.  But finding a happy medium between that and feeling over dressed is what I strive for. Something to live with.  Something I can live my life in, be comfortable, accomplish the tasks for the day in.  Something I can feel good about. Take a style time out today and see where you’re at. 


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