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SWL- Two Important Points

Ya, ya I am WAY behind on keeping you updated with Lloyd.  I’ll catch you up! The two things I don’t want you to miss from these past few weeks- 1)  Don’t worry so much about matching your shoes, handbag and belt.  I’m just about ill from all of the pins I see on Pinterest from outfits created on Polyvore that are matchy, matchy.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good easy outfit where you choose things all from the same color palette, but every day?  Look carefully at the outfits you choose to pin.  Would you really wear turquoise shoes, a turquoise shirt and turquoise earrings?  I’m guessing not.  Or you’d look like you just stepped out of a Newport News magazine.  (No offense to Newport shoppers.  They are just EXREMELY matchy matchy.)  The reason you choose these outfits to pin is because of the color.  It looks pulled together because it is uniform.  But that isn’t always good fashion!  Being a fashionista means using your imagination and choosing things that looked pulled together because it makes an outfit.  Not just because you can pick a color out of the crayon box and wear it head to toe.  Again, I’m not bashing the idea.  Wearing all white or all black or even a color sometimes can be a really fun statement.  But probably not everyday. So go ahead and throw on a bright bag and a neutral shoe!  Wear a striped belt and a colored shoe.  Mix it up, that’s what is visually pleasing! 2)  Whatever you choose to put on first in the morning- your pants, your shirt, maybe you pick out your shoes- start with something else!  I don’t always choose the same item first.  But not always do I start out with something like my shoes or my coat.  Or even thinking about how I want to wear my hair and makeup.  If I wore my hair up, maybe I’d choose that turtleneck more often.  Rethinking the order in which you get dressed could dust off the things in your closet that you don’t wear very often. And I love a closet where things get worn, even gasp, nice things. Have a great Sunday!


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