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SWL- What We’ve Missed

Well December’s Sundays with Lloyd flew by and there was lots of good tips in this month that I’d thought I’d wrap up for you.  I’m hoping to keep on track of January! Lloyd gives a few tips on how to wear scarves.  You know, actual printed neck scarves like your grandma used to wear.  Nothing that involves yarn or the word infinity. Here’s the three I enjoyed: 1)  Tie it to your purse 2)  Wrap it around your waist or, my idea, tie it around a belt into a knot as you would a fabric flower 3)  Put it in your jacket pocket Another helpful tip from Lloyd- when getting dressed in the morning, choose your outfit before your intimates.  So many times this happens to me, you get out of the shower and before you even know what you are wearing, you’re in your unmentionables.  Thus pantylines and black bra/white shirt problems happen! He guides you through holiday dressing, mainly with remarks about avoiding wearing Christmas sweaters.  And suggests that every woman have an evening clutch on standby.  If you don’t have one, get one.  A small black clutch will take you through any dressed up occasion. Finally, Lloyd offers dressing in a theme to get you through the winter blahs.  Feeling like an ice princess?  Wear a sweater and leggings and some cute boots.  You get the idea. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the new year!


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