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Ten Reasons I Need To Shut Up And Stop Complaining

I have been pretty foul lately.  And that’s a word I haven’t used for myself in a long time. FOUL.  I’m sure it has a little something to do with the fact that I’m so close to my due date and miserable.  And I need to remind myself of why I should stop complaining.  Here are my reasons…

10)  I had my hair done the other day and it came out brassy.  Not a good look on a pink undertoned, ashy blonde.  Now I have to have it redone.  I was trying to be efficient and prepared for baby’s arrival.  And now I’m wasting time.  Here’s the reason I should shut up- someday I’ll be a corpse whose hair will not matter- brassy or ashy.

9)  I’m so tired of waking up every two hours to use the bathroom.  Why I should shut up- soon I will be waking up every two hours to feed a newborn.

8)  I am struggling to get any lingering projects finished.  Story of my life, I know.  But it is even worse now.  I get distracted by really important things such as napping and watching True Tori.  Reasons I should shut up- I’m not working ten-hour shifts on my feet every day.

7)  I’m down to the very last of my maternity clothes.  And I simply don’t care if I’m wearing leggings every day and breaking all kinds of fashion rules.  It is survival of the fittest in my wardrobe right now and if my shirt isn’t long enough, well then you probably should just look away.  Why I should shut up- I have at least one maternity winter coat that will cover my belly although I’m normally too hot to wear it.

6)  I’m not sure anyone, ever is really ready for a new little life to appear.  And my attitude has been pretty nonchalant about it.  I’m sure after the baby’s birth, we’ll be making an emergency run to Target for all the things I’ve forgotten to pick up on the way home from the hospital.  But it is my fourth baby and as long as its feed and changed, life will be good.  Why I should shut up- soon I’ll be rocking a sweet-smelling little bambino.

5)  This is also the point of pregnancy that you start to dream about running and doing all sorts of exercises that you can’t possibly imagine your body accomplishing right now. You see an athlete on TV and have jealousy issues.  Why I should shut up- after the baby, running will be the last thing I want to do.

4)  I feel tugged in all directions lately with responsibilities.  There are lots of projects like Christmas programs and craft sales and volunteering at school that I’m normally helping out with or directing that I’m struggling to back away from this December.  Why I should shut up- I’m giving others the opportunity to step up and lead.

3) My computer is on its last legs.  The battery is shot and it restarts itself at least once a day.  Not to mention how slow it runs.  Why I should shut up- it is still working, I haven’t lost all my data yet and Black Friday is the next week!

2) I feel like I’m running a 100 errands to try to prepare for baby knowing that with Christmas coming up, there will still be 100 more to run after baby.  Why I should shut up- I have great friends who will help run a kid to school for me or watch my children should I need them.

1)  Nesting has officially begun.  I was scrubbing our kitchen cabinets the other day, washing out our garbage bins and cleaning light fixtures.  These are not normal items on the checklist for housecleaning for me.  It’s exhausting and overwhelming to look at a dirty house that occupies five bodies.  Why I should shut up- we have a nice warm home every night to keep out the cold and to rest our bodies in.  Oh well if the remote may have too many germs on it and we should be on the Today Show reporting our findings…

Things could be so much worse.  And I know it.  Sometimes I just need a reminder. 🙂


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