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The Belt Buckle

I should have called this the buckle bunny. 😂 #yellowstonetv

Everyone on the planet has a cozy cardigan. I am here to tell you that this year, you're going to want one in a cowboy print.

Don't worry, you don't have to spend a fortune on a cardigan. You can thrift, you can find one at your local boutique or you can break down and purchase one on Amazon. Boo. (#buyamerican) I recommend option one.

This cardigan I found at Goodwill. Yup, and I thrifted the belt at my local thrift store which is a GEM for all things. If you ever want to weed through the sea of clothes that is Goodwill, etc. I'm you're Huckleberry. I will find you the diamonds in the rough.

The belt is real and I'm sure some old cowboy kicked it and now I'm wearing his belt. :) Makes a good story. Sounds like it could be a Yellowstone episode.

Thank you old cowboy!

Be warm, be cozy, buy the cardigan.


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