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The End of the Peacock

Another little piece of furniture that recently underwent a makeover…my china hutch.

This piece has quite a history.  It was originally my husband’s grandmother’s piece.  And true to its era, it had a dark veneer finish.  Then one day on a whim, I painted it the dreaded black. (Hey, it was about ten years ago.)  And after remodeling my former dining room, it got a good dose of peacock-blue paint.  And I really loved the peacock-blue.  I really did.  It was mysterious and such a fun color.  But then we moved.  And I knew that it just needed a change.

I know you know where this is heading…it got painted white.  And I mean WHITE.

And I love it!

Here is a before shot.  I can’t seem to find a better picture, sorry!

Big Blue

Big Blue 

And here is the after-

White Yumminess

White Yumminess 

I’d say this baby took me about three coats of paint.  Covering dark paint can be tricky.

Every time I look at it now I feel like I’m on a vacation to the beach.  And that makes me happy…


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