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The Hot Day

You're all ready for football and fall and guess what, the weather is nearing 100. It's hot, it's humid and you're sad that you can't wear jeans and a jacket.

This is not what we signed up for. ;)

Well, here's an outfit for those football days that just don't want to shake the summer sun. Here's the silver lining, at least you're not freezing to death!

For this outfit, I chose a denim skirt instead of shorts. It seems a little dressier for a Friday night but I kept it very casual with tennies and a team tshirt.

I also threw on a cardigan in case that sun goes down and there's a little chill. Layers are super important when the event is outside!

This bag is my camera bag and it goes with me to all sporting events. Because I'm that mom. :)

Don't forget your sunglasses! It might be hard to see that first half!


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