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The John Updated

I know you are all holding your breath to see my bathroom…but I’m happy to call it another room that is close to done. Here’s the another inbetween shot-

After taking down the wallpaper, repairing the walls where damage was done and repainting, I am very happy with it.  This room was painted in Evening Coast by Dutch Boy and I love the deep rich color in the small room with no light.

I’m still trying to find a nice idea on Pinterest on how to store some extra toilet paper rolls in this room as with three males in the household, we go through a LOT of toilet paper. TMI, I know. The iron piece on the wall is from Target.  It was originally red and got a new paint color from metallic silver spray paint.  We also took down the towel ring on the wall by the sink and put up these hooks.  I may in the future use them to hang a small toolbox from that will hold towels and soap. Still to be done in this tiny room- new faucets,  new mirror and a new light fixture.  Oh, and of course trim.  Wait, did I say this room was almost done???


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