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The Living Room

Catchy title isn’t it?  🙂  Happy Friday!

I’d love to say that I have all of my fall stuff out and this is going to inspire you to get yours out.  But I’m just not there yet.  And I guess I should get there.  Because if I don’t, I’ll have one month to enjoy it.  Wow.

This is what my living room looked like last you saw it-

living room

And here is what I’ve done with it.  It has a very coastal feel for the summertime.  Lots of white (my favorite) and blues and mints.


I’d like to put up a few more pictures on either side of this hutch.


(Please disregard all of my cords.  That issue still hasn’t been addressed.  🙂

This chair is purple.  So for the summer months, to lighten up the room, it gets an old chenille bedspread thrown over it.


I hope you enjoyed a few of my house updates.  I’m planning on doing more when I do break down and decorate for fall.  For now, I’ll enjoy those last few days of “summer.”


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