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The Painted Pony

Sometimes I feel like I've lived many lives. There's so many strange little facts about my life that most people will never know. I guess it's only here that I get to share some of what makes me ME.

While I have lived many places, South Dakota is where I call home. It's where I've lived the most. And where I live now is the longest place I've ever lived. I guess I have a little bit of that gypsy blood in me and when I see something that reminds me of home gets me a little homesick. But it's so amazing to have a new place to call home, especially for my kids.

South Dakota, I have often said, is much like Yellowstone. Okay, while there aren't as many murders and far less drama, there is something very much wild and untamed about it. The people are down to earth, hearty and unique.

While living in South Dakota, I had a friend who was Native American. She was absolutely beautiful- jet black long hair, chocolately brown eyes and a beautiful smile. She had a big family that was crazy in a good way and I got to know them too. One summer I played for their family softball team. One of the only times I ever played softball and needless to say, this blonde haired, green eyed girl stuck way out.

I often wonder where she is now. I've tried stalking her on social media with no luck. She was Lakota Sioux, wild, got married young. And I often think of her.

I struggled to find a great picture of a painted pony for you but this is as close to what I could find for free but it could be just a pinto. A painted pony is a two-tone color variation in the coat of the horse and a particular breed

. Paints allowed the Native Americans to keep up with the buffalo herds and were given magical properties by them, especially those with “medicine hat” markings. The Native Americans believed these horses could protect them from death or injury during a conflict.

What does that have anything to do with today's outfit? Well, my coat reminds me of a painted pony. The painted pony coat reminds me of my friend. My friend reminds me of the west. The west reminds me of Yellowstone. It's amazing how my mind works.

If you want to see what a war painted horse looks like, click here:

You are going to want a coat like this for this season. Different patterns and versions of this are everywhere. I encourage you to break away from the solid black. You don't have to settle for a coat that everyone in the entire world has, try something that speaks just to you!

I found this great song on YouTube but I can't tell for sure who wrote or performs it. I hope you enjoy it!


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