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Think Pink

Last night was our city’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness Night.  It is a completely awesome girl’s nite out downtown with all of the local shops doing special discounts, etc. all in the name of breast cancer support.  They also line the streets up with home-based businesses and other businesses selling their wares.  You can wine-taste, get a bag full of freebies and shop.  What more can this girl ask for? My biggest purchases of the evening involve my first stop, the Premiere jewelry booth.  When it is Girl’s Nite Out, the prices are: $15/necklace $10/bracelet $5 earrings I could probably have cleaned the lady right out of all her jewelry, but I restrained myself and saved something for the other fellow shoppers. Here’s what I bought- 1) “Olivia” silver finish filigree earrings originally priced at $19 2) “Starlight” faux yellow gold drop earrings with faux crystals originally $37 3) Long “Shimmer” gold chain necklace originally $48 4)  “Crystal connection” earrings (originally $19) and necklace ($41) 5)  “Truffle” earrings ($19) and necklace (was unable to find the original price) Plus a grab bag bracelet for $2.

All for $67.  For what should have been a total of over $180.

Not bad ladies.  I challenge you to attend one of these parties (and not be the hostess) and come out any less. Thank goodness I was also shopping for a worthy cause.  What a great night!


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