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TV Series- Sex in the City- Carrie Bradshaw

No one loves fashion more than Carrie Bradshaw.  We all love to see what’s in her closet and what she’ll wear next.  Her love affair with shoes made viewers more crazy than what was going on with her love affair with Mr. Big. Of course, Ms. Bradshaw would be wearing designer fashions but WE are on a budget.  No spending too much on shoes and borrowing money from our friends to bail us out! (Remember that episode, where Carrie refers to greeting a shoe in the store like this- “hello lover.”  I can relate.) Here’s my take on Carrie- something form fitting with a flirty skirt, some fun floral accessories and bold bright accessories. Now all we need is a bus with her picture on it in the background.

John zack dress $62 –

Timeless peep toe heels $58 –

Ted Baker bow handbag $91 –

Sprout watch


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