TV Stand Re-redo (Part 2)

Remember yesterday I was posting my progress converting my purple/grey TV stand into a color that I love.

You know sometimes it takes awhile to find your own decorating style.  You see something you like in a friend’s home or on Pinterest but when you add it in to your own home it looks out-of-place?

I think I’m finally seeing the end result of transforming my home since our move.  I wish I could say that we have new blinds or new flooring or new lighting.  But I’m patient. And my kids are doing a number on all the things we own anyway.  Having nice things and having kids doesn’t always add up…

What I mean is that I’m finally starting to see my personality and style coming through in our home.  For example, this TV stand.  The choice of color is definitely me.  It might be way too bright for someone else’s taste.  But I love it.  And I’m finding that my style is becoming more fun and joyful as I get older.  It’s less about looking like a subdued furniture store where everything matches and more about life and color and a story.  Eclectic.

Wow.  That was a long intro to the final steps on this piece.  But of all the furniture in our home, this one really speaks to my style.

Here is where we left off-

Lightly Sanded

I had just slightly distressed my paint job.  And most people would have stopped there. But I had a particular look in mind for this piece and my next step was painting some white on the front drawers-

Close Up of Drawer

The white was simply to add another dimension to the front.

And then…I broke out the power sander.  I only used it on the drawers.  This gave them a much more distressed look with places of fading from white to blue to grey.

Lastly, I topped the whole piece with a tinted wax so it would have a darker finish.

Here is the result-

Final TV Stand

Final TV Stand 2

Drawer Close Up After

It has so much personality now.  And it feels like a great pair of worn in blue jeans.  I think the dresser is happy with itself.

Which is your favorite?  Grey or blue?

#furnituremakeovers #homedecor

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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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