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Valentine’s Day

I had a great day.  How about you?  I hope you went out and did something fun.  I was spoiled rotten.  I woke up to flowers and chocolates (a serious addiction) and SURPRISE! my hubby stayed home from work today.  It was the best part of my day.  Oh, and he bought me a table.  He knows just what this girl loves- romance, chocolate and furniture (did I mention chocolate?). Here’s what I wore for the big day

Turtleneck- It’s Our Time

Velvet pants- Simply Vera

Belt- Kmart

Sweater- xxi

Boots- Jump for the People

Necklace- Premiere

Earrings- ??

and I put together something similar for you- Happy Valentine’s Day!

Multi strand necklace $36 –

Manumit hoop earrings $15 –

Vila Rob L/S Rollneck $28 –


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