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Vegas Baby

Who knows how this decision was made.  Perhaps you’ve planned this.  Maybe you made some bad decisions and your wedding night looks like something from The Hangover.  Either way, the outfit need not be so serious. A short dress is in order.  This can be tricky.  Pick the wrong one and you may feel like you’re in a bad prom dress.  Look for something you wouldn’t possibly wear in a cathedral.  Feathers?  Yup, that’ll work. Add an eyelash veil to make this look especially bridal.  And some killer heels that you’d also never be caught dead in with this dress anywhere other than Vegas. And the ring?  Well, it may or may not be real.  And hopefully didn’t come out of a gumball machine. Who can tell?  This is Vegas baby.

Anoushka G strapless wedding gown $375 –

J Crew j crew


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