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Veterans Day

Army Boots

Army Boots

“Army Boots” by lobster20 via

I’m a little disappointed at the unobservance of so many for this holiday.  Yes, there are lots of us who don’t get work off or school off, but this holiday should be remembered and celebrated none-the-less.  And even a short mention on social media by some of these TV shows and stores that I “follow” would be nice.  Life is more than what someone wore last night and what’s on your wish list for Christmas.  Come on people!

One thing I find surprising is the confusion about the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  Does it feel to you that we have two of the same holidays for thanking our military?  Well, if you are not familiar with the differences, here is some helpful information.

Veterans Day is the day set aside to honor all who HAVE SERVED (or are serving) in the military. It began as a day to honor the end of WWI.

Memorial Day is the holiday to pay our respects to those WHO DIED serving in the military.  It began after the Civil War ended as Decoration Day as the nation wanted to decorate the graves of those whom had died with flowers.

If you encounter a veteran today, be sure to thank them for their service and tell them why you are grateful.  And thank you to those restaurants/companies who offer them free meals or deals today.  They will get my business!


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