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What to Wear with Polka Dots

Polka dots don’t have to equal dressing like you’re January Jones in Mad Men.

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Keep them modern and fresh three ways- 1) Wear them with a strong color like this mustard blazer 2) Pair them with a skater skirt and some fun booties 3) Take ladylike and make it edgy with a little help from some color blocking And for the record, I adore the fashion on Mad Men.  Just not with the some of the hair dos…or don’ts!

What to Wear with Polka Dots by stylefromthesticks featuring apt. 9

J Crew silk tank top

Double breasted trench coat

Mustard jacket

KATE HILL elastic waist pants

Bandolera cotton pencil skirt $89 –

High waisted pleated skirt

Sheepskin shoes

Apt 9

Matthew williamson $67 –

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